Luxury in the Afternoon

The best time of the day for me is the afternoon. It is a wonderful luxury to lounge and stroll in the middle of the day—a wonderful life to do it in the world. It is super true that luxury is not a price tag. It is a feeling. Close your eyes. Think of your favorite vacation. Are you smiling? This blog is built on discoveries that will change your smile and feed the soul.

Transformative Tourism

Transformative Tourism is an international tourism and public relations firm with a Black Book team of creative trailblazers and social entrepreneurs who embrace new approaches for a more sustainable planet. Our services gravitate around People and Environment. Our DNA bends towards Transformative economic growth with a laser-focus on 100% economic retention.

Sugar of the Crop

This book was supposed to be a Person of the Week episode for ABC News World News Tonight. But after I pitched anchor Peter Jennings, a publisher called and said they wanted it as a book. Based on primary interviews with children of slaves from 1997-2008, Sugar of the Crop tells the story of how freed slaves raised their sons and daughters after 1865. Ranked #1 as the Best NonFiction, this travelogue is the first (and only) book to discuss the hopes and dreams of mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, immediately following the end of the Civil War.